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Dear , Importer - Exporter - Owner - Charterer - Brokerage Or Please forwarding to Whom it may concern all

"S.C.Marine and shipping co.,ltd" be allowed to be legal entities within Thailand. if you have cargo or have your customers give us check bulk shipment, import - export thailand port to elsewhere such as Iron ore , gypsum mineral , cement , potash , petroleum products , limestone , feldspar , tapioca chips , salt , rice , wheat , wood chips-pellets , corn , palm kernel shells , coal , soybeans , clinker , sawn timber , fertilizer , project cargo , cold rolled steel sheet in coil or cargo other breakbulk cargo (Bangkok port , Tha thong port , Tha sala , Krabi, Sriracha , laem chabang port , koh-sichang , Rayong port , Songkhla port or ports nationwide to be alongside or anchored) within thailand ,freight on FOB , CIF or CNF  we can help you to supply Vessel or Tug barge on export or coordinate to talk with the seller in the country of us by honest - frankly and we have the experience with step system work good in loading or discharge on your cargo , we can do for you and accept your terms appropriate.

Or if you have advise to us for any query, please feel free to contact us.

Please kindly advise and consider us and hope highly we can cooperation with you in the coming days.

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(With best wishes for continued growth and prosperity your business from our team)

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S.C.Marine And Shipping Co.,ltd.
(Supplying chartering / Ship agency / Freight forwarder)

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Dear , Importers - Exporters Or Ship owner Or Charterer Or Those involved.

    Our company do business about freight forwarder for agent in thailand (N.V.O.C.C.) Official and registered in the thailand correct. if in the future your cargo have contact (import / export) within thailand us can take care give you , for our company get the trust from many companies and us can take care of the shipping effective, high-quality, dependable services to you , Including export of freight Container of various size such as 20 ft or 40 , 45 ft or other give with you or let us take care of coordination about the agent negotiate with sellers-buyers throughout the country of Thai and at the same time us can shipping to you by export  manner Container , Airplane us can give for you
    And us can supply bulk vessel or tug&barge or ship the other type that is suitable for the size of number your cargo for chartering in export from thai go to foreign port all over the world
    For ship owner or charterer can you trusting for appointed us are your agent within thailand at port all with honesty and willingness , you are will can loading or discharge all ports nationwide thailand , we is ready for you in order to have alternative more one way so to take care about your ship or cargo in price at us can to negotiations to be a agent in thailand for ship owner or charterer give with us or let us is agent of the containers freight within thailand us can do.

    Our team is comprised of individuals well known and trusted and has about local nationwide harbor knowledge by having participated in many shipping ago,including can contact the agency nationwide for arrival or departure ports within area everywhere of thailand by smooth to be (be alongside or anchored) ,and can us is contact intermediary between seller or shipper on thai with you by loyal , us can do.
    We have hope you will please kindly consider and support forwarding our workings for your customers to foreign country for  is his choice on FOB sale and provide opportunities us in the working for vessel supply or barge for your shipment on CNF & CIF sale, our company experienced and dependable.


Supplying chartering & Shipping agent & Freight forwarder



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