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          Our professional team has more than fifteen years experience in working as an international shipping agent and our experience is trusted by many customers. We have served as an agent in the export of feldspar minerals , gypsum for Sin Luang Co., Ltd. and Asia Mineral Processing Co., Ltd. We were also an agent in importing oil pipe ships for Halliburton (Chevron) Plc. and PTT. We have also been an agent for Narathiwas Stone Mill Co., Ltd. and many other companies. In addition, we are an agent for ships importing frozen tuna in Thailands southern region for transport to factories and we are also able to hire freighters by tugboats (Charter tug-barges / vessel /  lighters) or other vessels for the transport of import-export goods with container rental services where we offer 20' and 40' feet freight fees for the export or import of international goods or containers to meet set objectives at all ports throughout Thailand. Our team has always taken care of shipping and goods with the provision of effective import-export services in full response to your shipping and freighting needs.


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